Slips and Falls

Slips and falls happen often, and unfortunately, we can be injured by these. Not all slips and falls happen at work, they can happen at home, at the supermarket, or if you had a few too many drinks of eggnog over the holidays. Dr. Barbara Stein is qualified to diagnose and treat the underlying issues of your personal injuries do to slips and falls.
These injuries usually cause injury to the lower back, neck, shoulders or extremities. Most of the time, these are very painful injuries and require immediate chiropractic care. With my experience and knowledge, I am here to examine and treat your injuries with the proper care, so you can be back on your feet ready to climb Mt. Everest! For more information about Dr. Barbara Stein's treatment, call for a free consultation.

Dr. Barbara Stein Chiropractor In Atlantic City NJ

The most commonly injured structures are the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. An acute twisting or overextension of a joint can lead to tears of muscles and tendons, called “strains,” and tears of ligaments result in “sprains.” Some of these tears can be mild or severe. Dr. Barbara Stein is here to help! Contact us today